Welcome to “Adventures in Wineland” where Good Wine is Plentiful!

Welcome to the “Adventures in Wineland,” where we will learn about new and great wines together.  I have been writing wine, beer, and food reviews, on a smaller scale for a while now.  I am in fact a “foodie,” that loves to cook, eat, and drink great wines and beers.  Although beer used to be one of my favorite beverages to get while out at a bar, especially a brewery, wine has slowly replaced it.

Working in corporate America was okay, and being laid off was the best things that could have happened to me.   In corporate America I was not allowed to be creative, or tease my palate with intense and robust flavors in food, wine, or beer.  However, now I am working in the food industry, as a Certified barista and sales trainer for a major coffee empire (I love coffee and will write about that soon) and as an assistant restaurant manager, where the food is home made, divine, culinary orgasmic, and the wine selection is overwhelming, but exciting!

Now that I have been focusing on the various notes, hints, taste, and aromas of the various types of wine that I have sampled recently, I am now ready to share with you!

My first review will soon follow this introduction.

Until next time…


Monet in Wineland